Providing Healthcare To All Is Our Calling

It’s always been our Mission to provide holistic, reverent care when and where people need us regardless of ability to pay.  St. Vincent’s Health Partners allows us to transition from a volume to value-based healthcare system in order to fulfill the promise to provide the highest quality care to all our patients.

  • Engaged Physicians
    St. Vincent’s Health Partners initiatives will streamline our entire network to help physicians stay connected and empowered at every stage of your patient’s care.
  • Patients First
    Good health requires coordinated care.  St. Vincent’s Health Partners ensures physicians have the right information at the point of care and the ability to collaborate and share decisions in real time so patients benefit.
  • Information Driven
    With timely and accurate data at their fingertips, physicians can provide the best care, eliminate inefficiencies and create a better experience for patients. 
    St. Vincent’s Health Partners will implement the latest information technology to support population health initiatives.
  • Clinical Integration

    St. Vincent’s HealthCare is committed to advancing the health and well-being of patients through clinical integration. We believe the core of clinical integration is coordinating care across the full continuum of services. Clinical integration is being intentional about “connecting the dots” for a patient between providers - regardless of where the care is delivered. Examples of our clinical integration processes include:

    • Enterprise-wide electronic medical records for patients, accessible regardless of where care is delivered in the network

    • Care transition coordination:
      • Hospital (acute care)
      • Post- acute care
      • Ambulatory (primary care and specialty care)
      • Disease specific (i.e. diabetes, heart failure, cancer, orthopedics, etc.)
      • High-risk care