Healthworks: Direct To Employer Solutions

St. Vincent’s HealthWorks program, partners with Northeast Florida employers to provide health management solutions for their employees. We provide services to meet the needs of all organizations, regardless of company size or industry.

As a health system, we integrate a traditional health promotion program with clinical experts and by doing so are able to measure the success and financial impact of the programs and services we implement. Our approach to employee health management is strategic. This ensures that initiatives are results-oriented, and focused on improving the health and lowering cost of care for the organizations we partner with.

Many of our programs and services are provided at no cost to our employer partners.


What We Offer

  • Physician Screenings

    Utilizing the St. Vincent’s network of physicians, participants can get a full metabolic panel drawn. Online registration and scheduling helps simplify this process, along with an email confirmation when their results are online.

  • On-site Clinics

    On-site clinics no longer exist just to treat people who are injured on the job, they offer a way for employers to improve employee health and contain healthcare costs. Our Clinics not only treat sore throats, sinusitis and runny noses--- but also help employees (and dependents) stay healthy.

    There are many benefits to providing a clinic onsite for your employees:

    • Decreased medical costs
    • Improved productivity through convenient access to care
    • Chronic Disease Management
    • Early diagnosis
    • Fewer ER visits
    • Improved productivity through convenient access to care
    • Culture of wellness is reinforced
    • Improved ability to attract talent
    • Improved retention of employees who appreciate an employer who invests in their health
    • Near Site Clinics
    • Employee Education

    Our St. Vincent’s HealthWorks On-Site Clinics are customized to meet the needs of individual employers. They can be operational either part or full time and provide primary care, with an emphasis on preventive screenings, wellness and chronic care management.

    Convenient access to care and longer appointments give your employees an opportunity to not only better understand their health risk, but to establish trusting relationships with our HealthWorks clinicians.

    For more information please contact our HealthWorks department 904-308-6244 or email

  • On-site Screenings

    We can offer a wide range of onsite screenings for employers, from Cholesterol, HDL/LDL, Glucose, blood pressure and BMI, to more comprehensive panels that include PSA, creatinine etc. We can customize screenings to meet the need of any employer.

    Screening services do include data for the employer and a comprehensive individual report for the participants.

  • Occupational Health

    HealthWorks connects employers with the St. Vincent's Occupational Medicine/Occupational Health department. Our Occupational Health Clinics in Jacksonville offer annual work physicals, pre-employment physicals, return-to-work and fit-for-duty evaluations, OSHA and DOT exams, drug and alcohol screening, work injury treatment, lab testing, digital X-ray, audiometric screening, pulmonary function and mask fit testing. On-site services are also available.

    Learn more about our full menu of services and locations.

  • Flu-shot Clinics

    Millions of American’s suffer from the flu every year. For an employer, this can lead to a significant impact in productivity. Our team of nurses will come onsite and administer flu shots to your employees, their spouse, significant others and dependents. This has become a staple in many wellness programs in Jacksonville and should be one of yours.