St Vincents Health Partners

As a health system, our job is always to care for patients and provide them with quality, affordable care. Not just some patients but all patients. With St. Vincent’s Health Partners we will transition, to a person-centered care model that aligns all our physicians, resources, financials, quality and experience together for the best interest of our patients. With more resources, better technology and physicians and hospitals that are more connected, we can better coordinate care and ensure each patient gets the dedicated service they deserve.


  • Improve governance structure with physician-led service lines, improved collaboration and accountability for operations and regulatory requirements of population health activities.
  • Create clinical alignment across the continuum of care, drive standardization and provide goals and incentives for provider performance. Evaluate and develop a plan to improve provider access and availability.
  • Implement information technology like data mining capabilities, medical record management and enterprise-wide medical records that support population health initiatives
  • Improve processes for providing quality care across the continuum with self -management support, evidence based protocols, comprehensive case management and an effective plan to address any gaps in health services.
  • Enhance the provider networks through comprehensive evaluations and scorecards that assess the composition of the physician network, partners’ regional presence, and post acute network. Establish strategies and incentive plans for providers to cut costs and increase quality of care.
  • Implement other risk based contracts